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Variety / Origin:
Sept – Mar (SA)

Stagione: Autumn Summer Winter

The cabbage family, Brassica Oleracea, a herbaceous plant of the family also known as Cruciferae, covers a large variety of vegetables, all coming from the native variety that grows spontaneously in the Mediterranean region.

Brassica Acephala, namely non-heading cabbages, which are almost all used as animal fodder, except for black Tuscan kale, which is used to make some excellent soups, among other things. Brassica Botrytis, which has a large spherical or pointed fleshy flower head: cauliflower. Brassica Capitata, namely with a very compact, dense-leaved head, with colours ranging from light green to purple: cabbage proper. Brassica Cauliflora, which has flower heads that are not very densely packed and come together in an umbrella-like structure, like broccoli. Brassica Gemmifera, the type comprising numerous buds: Brussels sprouts. Brassica Sabauda, which has crinkled leaves, densely arranged to form a head: Savoy cabbage.

Cabbage has been simply foraged and later cultivated since prehistoric times.

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