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Grape fruit

Mesi: August
Stagione: Autumn

The grape is not so much a fruit as an infructescence, i.e. a cluster of fruits (more correctly referred to as berries) grouped around a stalk. The grape comes from the Vitis Vinifera plant in the Vitaceae family, which has flexible branches, palmate leaves and tiny little flowers.

Grapes – both white (though they actually range in colour from greeny-yellow to golden-yellow) and red (pink, purple or bluish-violet) – can be classified as table or wine grapes, though all wine grapes are also good to eat as table grapes.

Evidence of grape growing dates back to prehistoric times and the eating of grapes as a fruit or in the shape of preserves, jams and sweets is also an ancient practice. It would appear that the earth was inhabited by vines long before man came along.

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