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Variety / Origin:
Watermelon: Jun – Sept (MN)
Mini watermelon: Jun – Sept (MN)

Mesi: August
Stagione: Spring Summer

The Watermelon is a herbaceous plant from the Cucurbitaceae family whose scientific name is Cucurbita citrullus. It is reputed to be African in origin – although there is no shortage of theories claiming it comes from southern Italy – and was introduced into Italy back in pre-Roman times. It gets its name from the watery juice inside. Its orbicular fruit come in both round and elongated shapes and have a sugary red flesh, although there are also watermelon varieties with yellow flesh.

The current commercial varieties can be narrowed down into four groups: small and round (3 to 5 kg), large round (around 10 kg), small ovoid-cylindrical and large ovoid-cylindrical.